Vacuum Environmental Vehicles

Our Vacuum Vehicle offers the best solution for cleaning and removing sludge of sewage and other waste from sewage system by way of vacuuming then transporting by eliminating.

Sucking of sewage and waste into the tank by vacuuming the air in the tank and draining dirty water by applying pressurized air into the tank has been performed by using vacuum pump in our system. Vacuum pump is driven by advanced powertrain applied in our vehicles. Environmentally friendly and our advanced manufacturing power provide an adequate minimum manpower combined with functional equipment. Our Vacuum Vehicle, are offered to customers according to usage fields in 5 different options as S-Vac, M-Vac, L-Vac, XL-Vac and Trailer-Vac.

Usage Areas

  • Cleaning of solids and liquids accumulated in the city type sewer system
  • Sucking of accumulated sludge in subways and tunnels
  • Cleaning and transportation of factory waste
  • Cleaning and transportation of chemical waste


Suction Hose Reel With Fixed Boom

  • 4’’ 20 m & 5’’ 16 & 6’’ 12 m suction hose reel capacity
  • 270° operating area
  • Teleskopic boom, 1300 mm extendable,
  • -5°/+35° vertical movement

Suction Hose Reel With Seperated Boom

  • 4’’ 20 m & 5’’ 16 & 6’’ 12 m suction hose reel capacity
  • 180° operating area
  • Teleskopic boom, 1350 mm extendable,
  • -5°/+35° vertical movement

Suction Boom

  • 4’’ & 5’’ & 6’’ and 8’’
  • 300 operating area
  • Teleskopic boom, 1350 mm extendable
  • -13/ +40 vertical movement
  • Galvanized anti-corrosion construction
  • Wireless or cable control option


  • The Efemmak water recycling system is an easy functioning system, which works with two filter stages:
  • 1st level: a partition intercepts all large particles, so that the recovery can not clog filters, filtering capacity of 300 micron
  • 2nd level: a Efemmak rotating filter assumes the fine filtration of water for High Pressure Pump
  • Thanks to this two-stage recovery system it is even possible to work in muddy canals, filtering capacity of 100 microns
  • Filter with continuous rotation and special self-cleaning design

Stowage Systems

  • Equipment compartments on both sides
  • Fitting table for Nozzle safety
  • All equipment located determined position

Lighting System

  • High performed LED signalization lightings for traffic safety
  • High performance LED projector located on 2 unit rear lid, 1 unit main hose reel, 1 unit suction boom and pump compartments

Vacuum Tank Inside Washing System

  • Located on the between the every two breakwaters inside of waste water tank
  • Every area of tank washing by special nozzle bar @170 bar

Pump Compartments

  • Both pumps positioned protected area on sides of the vehicle or between vehicle cab and tank

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