Who We Are?

efemmak fabrika

As Efemmak, we have announced our name as the most innovative and pioneering player in the on-board equipment market with our experience in the on-board equipment sector. In our factory which has 2000 m² closed and 2000 m² open working area, we produce high quality products by using CAD-CAM production techniques with our production staff and engineers with the necessary certificates with the opportunities provided by the latest innovations of production technologies. We comply with the requirements of Turkish Standards Institute and European Standards norms during the production process and fulfill the requirements of our quality certificates.

 As of 2011; We are continuing our way successfully by developing, designing and manufacturing a wide range of transportation vehicles from Hydraulic and Portable Ladder Fire Truck to Combined Duct Cleaning Vehicle and on the subjects related to Mobile Authorized Service Services covering these products.

Apart from the main manufacturing issues mentioned above, we offer the most economical and high quality solution to meet the demands of our customers as a result of the work of our technical team specialized in all kinds of on-board equipment requirements that require special design for your needs. Since our establishment, our company; On-Vehicle Equipment Production and Service. With our design and functionality tools, we provide our customers with perfect ease of use. You will feel the quality and durability of Efemmak vehicles that are durable, reliable and do not let you down even in the most difficult conditions even in the most difficult conditions.

  • Efemmak At A Glance
  • We hold 100% customer satisfaction in the forefront, and we do customer satisfaction research every year to meet the requirements.
  •  Our mobile service is available 24/7 and the after-sales services department is constantly researching and collecting information.
  •  In our factory which has 2000m² closed and 2000m² open working area, we continue to work with the latest production technology.
  • Since 2011, we have succeeded in making our voice heard throughout the industry by undertaking major works.
  • We provide 2 year warranty to each product we produce, but we are committed to general maintenance every 6 months.
  • Since the day we were founded, we have produced more than 250 on-vehicle equipment and more than 75 references.