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Our forest and land fire fighting vehicles are designed and manufactured as the first response to forest, bush and forest fires.

With our tools, you will easily manage the operation on the most difficult terrain.

  • All-wheel drive chassis and customized superstructure design with high ground clearance and low center of gravity
  • Robust construction with a variety of functions and components according to customer requirements
  • Pumps with different capacities and pump drive options, water treatment on the go option
  • Water and foam tank options in different sizes to suit chassis capacity
  • High pressure extinguishing system
  • Built-in system
  • Mobile system
  • Add-on passenger compartment
  • Rescue equipment
  • Electric and hydraulic winch option
  • Wireless remote control option for pump, monitor and extinguishing system
  • High-capacity roof monitor and bumper monitor option
  • Driving / terrain protection bars
  • Usage Areas
    • Forest fires
    • Shrub fires
    • Mining workspaces
    • Off-Road regions


  • All Fire Pumps have EN1028 or NFPA Certificated
  • 800 – 10.000 Lpm @LP 8 - 16 Bar wide option range
  • 250 – 1.200 Lpm @HP-UHP 40 - 90 Bar extremely effective and special options
  • Aluminium / Bronze material options
  • Production by infusion method
  • 40% lighter and longer life than stainless metal tanks
  • High resistance to road with flexible structure, no risk of leakage over time
  • The system processes foam at standardized rates independent of water flow and pressure Foam monitor produced by using simple foam system is very efficient in extinguishing operations Due to the Venturi principle, foam cannot be processed inhydrant mode with basic foam system Simple to use and maintenance-free systems

  • Efficient and low consumption Foam System
  • All the foam systems we offer automatically adjust the foam flow rate, sensitive to water flow and pressure
  • Ability to process foam at the same rate at each flow rate and pressure at the selected rate
  • Design which does not consume foam and does not allow foam to enter the water tank when there is no water outlet
  • LED illumination for maximum visibility
  • Safe travel with 3-point seat belt, optional airbags
  • Complete aluminum body structure, optional integration into the driver's cab
  • Maximum viewing visibility with middle and side Windows
  • Standard / pneumatic opening cab doors and electric / manual side Windows
  • Driver's cabin with camera and voicecommunication system
  • Maximum adaptability to hard road conditions by mounting with flexible connections independent from the driver's cab and superstructure
  • Respiratory protection units are highly effective devices for protecting firefighters' health in any environment. Firefighters must be used for all work involving particulate matter as well as harmful gases and vapors to ensure the health of the respiratory organs. The breathing set transport mechanism allows the firefighter to reach the respiratory protection units in the fastest and most comfortable way before the operation.

  • Transport mechanism up to 6 breathing units
  • Folding structure provides ergonomic usage and allows the breathing protection units to be positioned at the firefighter's back level.
  • The control panel is the most important communication component between the firefighter and the fire vehicle. With logically located function keys and indicators, the firefighter is as comfortable as possible in the control of system devices. As a result, the fireman finds fault finding his own path, even in difficult situations, and ensures the maximum safety of the firefighters responding to the fire. Illuminated and elevated control buttons offer maximum convenience.

  • Easy to use
  • IP68 Protected operator panel
  • Firefighter redirects classified by colors
  • Illuminated control keys
  • Complete laying of the upper structure lighting and fire warning LED layout
  • Area illumination slots positioned to reach the LED light beam at every point around the vehicle
  • Aesthetic design with crowns made of GRP - composite technology
  • Flexible and easy to handle Polycarbonate glasses
  • Complete stainless and aluminum material customized for heavy duty conditions
  • Safe and easy to use with transfer locks
  • Rotating and sliding parts equipped with high quality bearings and special friction elements
  • Specially designed according to the size, 13,5 meters x3-stage ladder in the sample visuals suitable for the carrier system
  • An effective solution for manufacturers with an easy-to-install mounting kit
  • The telescopic lighting mast provides homoge- nous illumination of the operation area with high light efficiency. It can also provide focused illumination of any point to assist the operation.

  • Wireless remote control up to 100 meters
  • LED technology and low power consumption up to 96,000 Lumens
  • Can be applied to any vehicle
  • Dry powder extinguishing system is designed to firefighting without using water or foam. They are used when water has a negative effect on fires or substances stored near a fire source.

  • Usually located in vehicles designed in an industrial style
  • Used in firefighting departments of metal or chemical industries
  • Aluminum industrial profile design, lightweight, durable and space saving structure allows the superstructures to be compact.

  • Very high corrosion resistance
  • Light and flexible
  • Flexible and variable structure allows maximum placement of equipment
  • They can be integrated into vehicles, suitable for use in almost all areas where the fire department operates. They are designed for high firing range and very good foam quality with electronic or manually controlled monitors and can be positioned as bumpers or roofs.

  • Manual or wireless remote control option
  • In-cab joystick control option
  • In-cabin shooting management screen with IP6K9K camera positioned over it
  • Ability to process water and foam up to 10000 lt / min
  • Water throw distance up to 105 meters Foam throw distance up to 75 meters
  • Ability to process water and foam up to 2000 Lt / min
  • In-cab joystick control
  • Water range up to 65 meters
  • Foam throw distance up to 47 meters
  • Automatic parking position taking function
  • Optional high-capacity LED-focused lighting
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    Our mobile medical units help save lives in areas where help is limited. At EFEMMAK, we provide mobile clinics, extendable mobile hospitals, mobile field hospitals, and off-road ambulances to meet the needs of our customers.

  • General health care
  • Dental
  • Women health care and gynecology
  • Blood donation
  • Ophtalmology
  • Ent Pharmacy
  • Laboratories
  • Mobile labotatory
  • Mobile operation and intensive care
  • Mammography
  • X-ray (can be combined with lab, ultrasound, Mammography, ETC)
  • Special design project
  • Usage Areas
    • Vehicles are preferred for delivering primary health services to people that are living in rural areas.
    • Mines
    • Special steam power plants
    • Petroleum and chemical


  • Positioned at the rear of the vehicle, made of special aluminum material, 170 kg. maximum official carrying capacity.
  • Only one person can load and unload the stretcher with patient in the ambulance
  • Head portion height can be adjusted gradually.
  • Foot portion can be elevated from a single point.
  • Foldable and safety side railings.
  • Rear wheels have locking feature for safety and operation.

  • In-vehicle central oxygen system generally consists of the following equipment, content can vary according to customer request.
  • 10 liter oxygen cylinder (2pcs)
  • Oxygen system
  • Oxy-vacuum suction system
  • Accessory holder rail system
  • Oxygen masks
  • Tracheal suction catheters
  • The telescopic lighting mast provides homoge- nous illumination of the operation area with high light efficiency. It can also provide focused illumination of any point to assist the operation.

  • Wireless remote control up to 100 meters
  • LED technology and low power consumption up to 96,000 Lumens
  • Can be applied to any vehicle