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Our Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles provides cleaning the sand, gravel, dirt tracks, bottles, a variety of metal cans, grease, debris and sewage waste which blocking the city sewer system, by shredding and propelling impacts of high pressure water and realization transporting them from where they are.

Vacuum or high-pressure sewer cleaning properties of Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles, manufactured in high qualities, are operable both together and separately.

Our vehicles, at the production stage, are supported with extra modern technology, assist the operator with covered equipment and advanced technology. Maximum operating power is supplied in our vehicles with less fuel consumption combined with the method of ecological sensitivity, advanced studies and equipment which we have adopted as our basic principle in our production. All these are an advantage for our customers. Our Combined sewer cleaning vehicles are offered to customers according to usage fields in 4 different options as S-Combi, M-Combi, L-Combi and XL-Combi.

Usage Areas
  • Cleaning and maintenance of city-type sewer system
  • leaning and maintenance of industrial-type sewer system
  • Transfer of industrial materials
  • Transfer of chemical materials


  • Winding with hydraulic control
  • Manuel or hydraulic swivelling
  • 1’’ 160 m & ¼ ‘’ 120 m hose capacity
  • Automatic hose guide for excellent winding
  • Ip67 Control panel, potentiometer pressure control
  • Every 20° locability for easy operate
  • Hydraulic or manuel rotating
  • ½ ‘’ 80 m & ¾ ‘’ 50 m hose capacity
  • Automatic hose guide for excellent winding
  • Equipped with washing gun 45 lmp @150 bar
  • 4’’ 20 m & 5’’ 16 & 6’’ 12 m suction hose reel capacity
  • 270° operating area
  • Teleskopic boom, 1300 mm extendable,
  • -5°/+35° vertical movement
  • 4’’ 20 m & 5’’ 16 & 6’’ 12 m suction hose reel capacity
  • 180° operating area
  • Teleskopic boom, 1350 mm extendable,
  • -5°/+35° vertical movement
  • 4’’ & 5’’ & 6’’ and 8’’
  • 300 operating area
  • Teleskopic boom, 1350 mm extendable
  • -13/ +40 vertical movement
  • Galvanized anti-corrosion construction
  • Wireless or cable control option
  • The Efemmak water recycling system is an easy functioning system, which works with two filter stages:
  • 1st level: a partition intercepts all large particles, so that the recovery can not clog filters, filtering capacity of 300 micron
  • 2nd level: a Efemmak rotating filter assumes the fine filtration of water for High Pressure Pump
  • Thanks to this two-stage recovery system it is even possible to work in muddy canals, filtering capacity of 100 microns
  • Filter with continuous rotation and special self-cleaning design
  • Equipment compartments on both sides
  • Fitting table for Nozzle safety
  • All equipment located determined position
  • High performed LED signalization lightings for traffic safety
  • High performance LED projector located on 2 unit rear lid, 1 unit main hose reel, 1 unit suction boom and pump compartments
  • Located on the between the every two breakwaters inside of waste water tank
  • Every area of tank washing by special nozzle bar @170 bar
  • Both pumps positioned protected area on sides of the vehicle or between vehicle cab and tank
  • Efemmak vehicle has an anti-freezing system to protect water freezing in the pipes of the system whenever the vehicle is moving or not operating. Water inside the tank s pumped through a water suction and delivery line which consists of a high pressure water pump, a pressure regulator and channel hoses.
  • Heating system capable to operating with low temperature such as -25/-30 C.
  • One or Two serial mounted water pumps be used for water pumping.
  • Pumps are 24/12V DC electrical driven type. Heater has a min capacity of 6 kW.
  • On/Off control of the heater done by means of an electrical system.
  • Made of wear-resistant, Cr Ni 316 stainless steel, provided with front jet insert and blind plug interchangeable. Angle of jet backwards, sturdy wall thickness, long service life and a minimum of wear and tear. Some of types are provided with steelceramic inserts. Because of this, the efficiency is considerably higher compared with those nozzles with drilled holes and the service life is several times longer.
  • Efemmak signed design for SCT vehicles Painted by request of customer name located
  • Special design for SCT type Combined Sewer Opening and Cleaning Tools signed by Efemmak