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Rapid Intervention - The RI Vehicle is a compact example of the fire vehicle series, particularly suitable for fast and safe operation in small airports, heliports, industries and vehicle accidents. Perfectly coordinated on pick-up frames, thanks to the components we provide, this product of the series demonstrates its broad capabilities in a very short time. Innovative component solutions integrated into the vehicle provide the perfect alternative for any fire department.

  • Tank capacity up to 500 l.
  • Dry chemical powder unit, up to 90 kg CO2 extinguishing system, up to 30 kg
  • Simultaneous driving option, water handling capability while vehicle is moving
  • Low pressure @ 10 bar / high pressure @ 100 bar water pump option
  • Automatic foam proportioning systems
  • LED telescopic lighting set
  • Controlled in-cab buffer monitor option
  • Usage Areas
    • Airports
    • Small scale industries
    • City fire departments


    The telescopic lighting mast provides homoge- nous illumination of the operation area with high light efficiency. It can also provide focused illumination of any point to assist the operation.

  • Wireless remote control up to 100 meters
  • LED technology and low power consumption up to 96,000 Lumens
  • Can be applied to any vehicle
  • Variable and flexible placement system allows easy and quick access to every equipment. Rotating shelves and drawers allow for ergonomic removal of equipment. The advantages of this docking system are the long life of the equipment and saving time and energy when take the equipment.

    Efficient use of every point of the superstructure.