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Our aerial ladder equipped fire vehicles manufactured for fearless firefighters interfering with emergency calls of the people awaiting rescue at high levels.

With our fast-acting aerial ladder comes with flexible and agile structure, we comply with universal quality standards and requirements which makes every hero comfortable against responding fires and rescuing lives in extreme conditions at highs.

We adopt most modern technological developments in our vehicles to ensure also chemical fire operations run with optimum efficiency for industrial fire brigades by using MCS (Moment Control System) and more.

Our aerial ladder equipped fire vehicle range consists of various models according to usage areas and heights of L18, L24, L28, and L32.

Usage Areas
  • High-rise building fires
  • Rescue operations at highs
  • Industrial fires


  • All Fire Pumps have EN1028 or NFPA Certificated
  • 800 – 10.000 Lpm @LP 8 - 16 Bar wide option range
  • 250 – 1.200 Lpm @HP-UHP 40 - 90 Bar extremely effective and special options
  • Aluminium / Bronze material options
  • Production by infusion method
  • 40% lighter and longer life than stainless metal tanks
  • High resistance to road with flexible structure, no risk of leakage over time
  • They can be integrated into vehicles, suitable for use in almost all areas where the fire department operates. They are designed for high firing range and very good foam quality with electronic or manually controlled monitors and can be positioned as bumpers or roofs.

  • Manual or wireless remote control option
  • In-cab joystick control option
  • In-cabin shooting management screen with IP6K9K camera positioned over it
  • Ability to process water and foam up to 10000 lt / min
  • Water throw distance up to 105 meters Foam throw distance up to 75 meters
  • Ability to process water and foam up to 2000 Lt / min
  • In-cab joystick control
  • Water range up to 65 meters
  • Foam throw distance up to 47 meters
  • Automatic parking position taking function
  • Optional high-capacity LED-focused lighting