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Street, Barrier and Tunnel Washing Vehicle cleans the streets and prevents dust formation through spraying high and low pressure water. Our vehicle, improved by expert team of Efemmak, is also used for cleaning the walls of the tunnel and road barriers.

Street, Barrier and Tunnel Washing Vehicle is designed with a suitable transmission system to operate high pres- sure water pump and washing assembly during travelling. This type vehicle is effective on washing the streets but also used for reducing dust with adjustable pressure level equipment placed according to customer's needs or under the front and rear chassis. Micronized water spray systems used in our production offer the advantage of the less water proportion the more work to our customer by combining our ecological sensitivity with our advanced engineering capabilities.

Street, Barrier and Tunnel Washing Vehicle, are offered to our customers with customized design model according to the needs of customers.

Usage Areas
  • Cleaning of streets and avenues
  • Dedusting in the streets and avenues
  • Cleaning of the tunnel wall
  • Cleaning of the road barriers